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“This book is great! Ron Vance is very talented and it’s amazing to read about all the beautiful carvings! I Recommend it for all!”

Andrew Roth



“Through words and pictures in this book, you can see again the amazing Bible Sticks that Ron has carved.”

Octavio Ruiz



“Ron shows the Gospel through unique wood carvings that tell a story and make the scriptures easier to understand. For years he has used his Bible sticks to enhance his teaching and to commemorate special events. For example, he carved a unique stick for the children of Mountain Mission School to use in generating school spirit. His skill in planning each complex design, his talent in carving, and his painstaking dedication combine to make each stick a unique project of love.”

Ernie Herzog



“’Sticks and stone may break my bones’ but these sticks will not break your bones, they will lift up your soul as you see Bible stories carved beautifully on these sticks. Ron is masterful in telling these stories and you will marvel as you observe the intricate and beautiful carvings on each of the sticks.”

Keith Canton